Best Seaside Accommodation In Wales

The house is a relaxed alternative to a DIY holiday in Wales at a Welsh holiday cottage by the sea. It has 15 airy and light Georgian bedrooms that are completed with contemporary facilities and furnishings. You can choose from Outstanding, Fabulous, Good, Cozy and Tiny bedrooms. It has 15 airy and light Georgian

The Best Sea Views In Europe

Ireland The Cliffs of Moher is one sea view that you should never miss in your lifetime. It is 8 kilometres long and a dizzying 214 meters high. This is a remote spot - there are no seaview cottages here - you need to travel here from nearby holiday accommodation. When the day is clear,

Writing Fiction

Not all stories are derived from truth but the feelings are true. Fictional books are full of ideas, fantasies and imaginations. These imaginations and fantasies exist in our minds and all an author does is to give them a voice.

What is fiction?

Fiction is make-believe, imaginary. If a story's true, it's non-fiction. If it's